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Alice Swift


I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer, specialising in Pre and Postnatal fitness.

I'm also a mum of two, Powerlifting enthusiast, & a bit of a geek.

As someone who worried about exercise while pregnant, losing my 'identity' after pregnancy and managing weight loss expectations while raising children, I wanted to use my experience to help other mums and mums-to-be who are in the same boat!

In the Swift studio I provide a safe, calm space to train and bring your child with you. Toys, books and support for all ages are provided in a gym where you won't feel judged for having to change a poopy nappy in the middle of your session!

Alice Swift

Alice is so much more than a PT. She’s a mum and she’s a caring soul who wants to help unlock the potential in everyone she trains.  Whether it’s starting from the basics, a seasoned “gym go-er” looking to focus on a niche area, Alice plans a tailored approach. Personally for me it was someone who understood the broken sleep of young children but also gave me a safe space to focus on me and push mum-guilt aside.  Very grateful for her training and friendship.



Bingham, Nottinghamshire


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